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We at Tulletts offer a replacement door service which also has a huge catalogue of many different styles of door.

The 2 main types are Composite and uPVC.

Composite Doors


Composite doors are the newest type of door used in homes. Composite doors have been designed taking into consideration the common flaws experienced in singular material doors. Using a combination of materials which have been selected for their beneficial properties, composite doors allow for the old flaws to be effectively ‘designed out’.

The main thing to understand about composite front doors is that they are made from multiple materials which ensures great strength, durability and looks. The core of a composite door can contain wood, insulating materials and many other layers which are all protected by a weather resistant outer skin. The only real trade off with installing a composite door is that you can expect to pay a little bit more than you would for a standard UPVC door however, the benefits far outweigh the additional cost. Any external doors can be switched for a composite variety so you can install composite french doors, composite patio doors and composite stable doors.

No matter what door you are wishing to replace, you should always consider a composite door first to ensure that your home is protected. After all, you cannot put a price on piece of mind but you can put a price on an incredible looking composite door.

uPVC Doors

upvc back door

uPVC doors are more modern than wooden doors and are popular for several reasons. One of the main reasons is that uPVC doors are cheap in comparison to expensive wooden doors. They also have other benefits in comparison, such as they have a higher resistance to weathering and require less maintenance in general.

Other reasons to choose Tulletts Windows & Doors

  1. All of our doors come with high security locks as standard.
  2. You choose the glass design to have in your new door at no extra cost
  3. You choose a colour from our wide choice including wood effect.
  4. Your choice of backing glass to obscure from in lookers.
  5. We offer Black, gold, brass, white, chrome, silver and aluminium door furniture.
  6. Many styles of knockers and letter plates.
  7. No VAT charged.

Some doors we have already fitted.


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