Door and Window Repairs



Misty, Foggy, or Blown double Glazing.

Before   Blown glass unit before fitting new      After fitting new glass unitAfter


Blown double glazing windows sometimes make it look like it’s raining, or foggy or it makes your windows look dirty at best. We at Tulletts will replace the blown unit which will not affect the frame or any other unit in the frame. We will take out just the glass unit in question and replace it for new. Even if yours has lead work, stained pattern or unusual size, we can replace it and give you back the view you had before.

Hinges (friction stays)

Window friction stay

When your windows are not closing on to the frame or are very stiff to open, they let the wind and rain get in. Not only is this loosing energy and costing you money, it makes for a cold noisy room that is easy for us to fix for you. Whatever the size of window, we can take it out and fit new hinges to restore your peace, security and lower your heating bills again. We even replace timber sash windows for Upvc or Aluminium sliding sash windows.



Whatever handles you have, we can replace them or repair if a repair is possible. Did you know that insurance companies now want all ground floor windows to be key lockable. They will not pay out if you can’t lock a downstairs window. If you are thinking of redecorating, why not change your handles to go with the new colours. Our handles come in brass, black, white, silver or chrome.

Upvc Window Locks

Corroded Window espag

When you pull the window handle, it usually moves a sliding locking mechanism so that the window locks on to the frame. These often seize up or just break due to corrosion or lack of use. Bathroom window locks suffer the most as the windows are usually left open for ventilation which will allow moist air from showers and baths to settle onto the metal parts. We can replace the window locking mechanism usually without having to remove the window from the frame.

Cat Flaps

cap in flap Cat flap

We also offer a cat flap service. If you have a cat flap that you would like installed or even removed, we can do that for you. The lower panel can be replaced with a glass or upvc panel to give your moggy freedom, or if you would like to just replace the catflap panel for a blank panel without the hole, we can do that too.

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