Upvc Double Glazing Door Repair

Plastic Upvc doors are always moving around. Especially during the spring summer months when the sunlight is at it’s strongest. You will find that the heat will expand the door so that it is harder to open or lock than it was in the winter months when the door was shrunk to it’s proper size and shape.

We at Tulletts have the knowledge and tools to adjust, repair or replace anything that is troubling you with your door. It may be that the door has not returned to it’s right shape and the locking parts need adjusting. No problem for us. If however something has broken or fallen off, Then we will repair or replace it.

Door Locks


If we can’t adjust your door to lock and something needs to be replaced to do with the locking mechanism, then that is where our fully qualified locksmiths certification comes in and for your piece of mind, we will only fit the insurance approved lock which is for your security and safety.

We carry most locks on our vans, but if we don’t have the exact one available, we will still make sure you are safe and secure while the new lock is on order, which is usually within 24 hrs.


Window friction stay

Door Handles



All sizes and colours available.

There are many types of door handles available and will need to be measured accurately to be sure of the correct one for your door. A full measure up is included with our free estimate visit.


Other Door Furniture

spi's   knockers




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